Five Characteristics of Pentecost

On the first Pentecost of Acts 2, the 120 disciples prayed and worshiped in great faith and experienced the fulfillment of the promise of the Father. It was a life and world-changing day, as God demonstrated His great love for the world by pouring out His Holy Spirit on believers. As we approach Pentecost 2020, May 31, many are predicting it will be the greatest Pentecost since Acts 2. It will far exceed our expectations, especially as we think in terms of revival.

I have participated in many revivals and experienced new life, freedom, and power but, as great as those experiences were, God’s purposes for man and the world were not fulfilled. Believers get excited about the first part of Acts 2. However, after Peter preached the great Pentecostal sermon, God revealed His intent and purposes for man and the earth. The Church is famous for reading the minutes of the last meeting for executing business, but the reading of the minutes of the first meeting of the Church in the last part of Acts 2, reveals a microcosm of what the Church should be like in the world of our day.  I am praying and believing for five aspects of Pentecost to be fulfilled this year, 2020:

1. A New Era of the Spirit. This will be a season, an era, not just a day of celebration. Pentecost Sundays have been commemorated every year. But the event was soon forgotten, the meaning vanished from memory, and the lifestyle of allowing the Spirit to guide us was not lived out. But world Christian leaders are declaring things are different this year. God is doing a “new thing!” Don’t look for a “good ole fashioned revival”.  The “new thing” will far surpass the old. It will be a new era or season of Holy Spirit outpourings – changing lives, changing the church, and changing society. The Bible mentions two things that profit nothing—doing things without love and living by the flesh. In the new era, believers will live by the Spirit as true sons of God. They will hear and obey what the Spirit is saying to the Church. Believers from the first Pentecost turned the world upside down. Do it again, Lord!

2. The Evidence of the Spirit’s Outpouring. The evidence of the Spirit’s presence was the breakthrough of a new spiritual language. This new era fulfills the desire of Moses, that all of God’s people become prophets, and “the Lord would put his Spirit on them” (Numbers 11:29). How does it happen? Jesus taught that all must “hunger and thirst after righteousness and they would be filled” (Matthew 5:6). The Pentecostal preacher, Peter, provides instruction in his sermon (Acts 2:38, 39). Obedience to his instructions will lead to receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit. The gift manifests in a spiritual language, never learned before. As prayer in the Spirit is practiced daily, greater intimacy with the Father results. As a result, personal inward transformation and outward manifestations are evident. Reports of these works of the Spirit already happening, including testimonies of signs, wonders, and miracles. Do it again, Lord!

3. The Empowerment of the Spirit. Spirit-empowerment was demonstrated in Luke’s Day of Pentecost report. First, Peter, the one who denied Jesus three times before Pentecost, became the bold preacher of Pentecost. Quoting Joel 2, Peter fulfills this prophecy of the Spirit’s outpouring right before their eyes. Jesus’ promise of power in Acts 1:8 is confirmed. The anointing and power fell on hungry hearts. The greater works of power promised by Jesus (John 14:12) immediately happened. If man controls the way the Spirit moves, we will not have a move of the Spirit. For when the Spirit moves, there is liberty (2 Corinthians 3:7; Galatians 5:1, 13). Jesus baptizes with fire! This metaphor indicates you cannot predict the way a fire will burn. But, do not reject the gift because of the wrappings or workings. Let the fire fall as never before!

4. The Enlargement of the Kingdom. Three thousand were saved on the first fantastic Pentecost Day (Acts 2). Do not let the phenomena of Pentecost distract from the dismay of God’s eternal purpose: “the whole earth will be filled with His glory” (Numbers 14:21; Psalm 72:19; Hebrews 2:14). Many declare, “The greatest evangelistic movement that we’ve ever seen in our lifetime” is upon us. The heart of the Father is to raise up sons and daughters (John 1:12; Hosea 1:10; Galatians 4:6). God wants to raise up Spirit-filled believers, who have the Father’s heart of love and demonstrate the character of God, to be His image-bearers in the world. These servant believers will reap the great end-time harvest. From the time of John the Baptist, then Jesus, then Paul, the message was about the Kingdom. It was launched with the death and resurrection of Jesus and is continually moving to total fulfillment.  A new heaven and earth is ever progressing on this earth. The Kingdom message is not to fly away to some distant place in the sky, called heaven. The fulfillment will be as Jesus prayed: “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10). What a glorious thought.  Pray the suddenly of Pentecost sweeps millions into the Kingdom and His servants are ready to receive them.

5. The Establishment of a Kingdom Community. The outpouring of the Spirit in Acts 2:1-4 often overshadows the new Kingdom reality lived out at the end of the chapter. If we focus on the suddenly of the Day of Pentecost, a short-term revival of excitement, stimulation, new life and wonder will result. These phenomena are not to be despised, but the spoils of such revivals usually do not last. We can enjoy the renewal and stimulation, but such revivals are short-term. God’s purpose is seen in the last book of the Bible–Revelation 21, 22! It is for complete transformation of this earth, of nature and mankind. A new heaven and earth is coming as God ordained in Genesis 1, 2. His Kingdom lifestyle is foreshadowed in Acts 2:42-47 and demonstrated by:

 1) Steadfastly obeying the apostle’s’ doctrine

2) Fellowshipping the saints

3) Participating in the life-giving power of Communion

4) Being faithful in prayers

5) Living in the fear of God

6) Working signs and wonders and miracles

7) Meeting together in unity

8) Sharing all things in common

9) Assembling together in the temple worship

9) Celebrating home life over a meal, including the Lord’s Supper

10) Living a simple, joyful lifestyle

11) Praising and worshiping God

12) Having favor with the people

13) Seeing people saved daily

This is a microcosm of how the church should fulfill God’s purpose of bringing radical transformation of the world. The old wine has run out (John 2:3)!  New wine is being poured out! New wineskins are needed for this era of the virus quarantine. We need to seek God, the one who said, “I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.” Jesus continues and promises, “the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven” (Matt 16:18-19). We need to be like the sons of Issachar, who understood the times and knew what Israel ought to do (1 Chronicles 12:32). God has revelation for our situation. Don’t look to the past, God wants us to look to Him who is making “everything new!” He is bringing heaven to earth!

-Dr. Garnet E. Pike

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