Earthquake Relief Update

Tents in Turkey

The devastating earthquakes of February 6 and the over 3000 aftershocks have left lives, communities, and cities through south-central Turkey in ruin. Over 50,000 people are reportedly killed, with that number expected to rise to nearly 100,000. Entire towns have been destroyed. Among them is the ancient city of Antioch where Paul and Barnabas were sent as the first missionaries to the Gentiles. The destruction and loss of life are unthinkable. 

But in the midst of the chaos, Christians throughout Turkey have responded to the call for help and are now in the region showing their sacrificial love. They are digging through the rubble looking for survivors, setting up tent cities, delivering supplies, and crying with those grieving the loss. 

SpiritLife Ministries continues to partner with lifelong friends, local Turkish churches, and Hope4Nations to fund the purchase of food, clothing, tents, and other needed supplies. These supplies are now being taken to strategic locations to meet the needs of those who have lost so much. 

People eating on a cardboard box

Altinozu is one of the very few places in Turkey where the majority of the population is Christian. It is very close to the Syrian Turkish border. The majority of the people are Orthodox Christians, but in the last 20 years a local Evangelical church has been planted there. People cannot enter their homes and are living in tents close to their houses. When we asked what they needed, they said they needed beds and feminine hygiene items. Today we purchased 50 mattresses and supplies and delivered them in a minivan. Thank you for your prayers.

– A Turkish Leader

Thank You

Because of your prayers and financial giving, lives are being touched, hearts are being won, and God’s love is being displayed. Thank you! 

We also encourage you to continue to give to the relief effort as this is just the beginning of a very long road to recovery. May the lives of the Turkish people are forever changed by the love they experience through your giving. 

Prayer Needs

  • For those who have lost loved ones
  • For those who are working to treat the injured
  • For those ministering to the spiritual needs of the people left displaced and impacted by the devastation
  • For Matt as he prepares to go to Turkey to help with the relief efforts in March

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